Expo Travel, Inc. has been in business since 1988 and has full roster of clients including events that house between 100 and 50,000+ attendees. Our experienced staff of agents and technicians can guarantee a housing solution for your event that very few bureaus can match. All this with a unique commitment to service and you have Expo Travel, Inc. Take a look at some of the specific services and features we offer that make us the premier choice for your housing needs:

• Block Hotel Rooms For Your Show
Expo Travel will block rooms at hotels you specify or if needed Expo Travel will recommend hotels that fit your requirements.

• Negotiate Hotel Room Rates, Comps and Staff Rates
We will negotiate the best rates for your attendees and staff and take care to fill room blocks to protect your earned complimentary rooms.

• Easy Reservation System for Your Attendees and Exhibitors
Reservations can be made by phone, fax, email and of course online with our user-friendly booking system.

• You Earn Rebates and Special Considerations
Turn your housing into a profit center.

• Formulate Contracts Without Penalty Clauses for Attrition
Our long-standing relationships with hotels allow us to formulate advantageous attrition agreements that benefit your show.

• Protect Your Venue From Predatory Competitors

Expo Travel has a long established suite policy requiring suite requests to be in writing complete with booth number and exhibitor name to be matched to your exhibitor list.

• Protect Your Convention Space/Dates
Expo Travel will work closely with show management and all hotels to secure the vital information you need to report in order protect future show dates.

• Negotiate Discounted Airline Rates with Complimentary Tickets
Expo Travel continues to offer this as a service to your attendees and exhibitors who might need airline reservations. Complimentary tickets earned will be forwarded to you.

• Personal Relationships
Expo Travel’s, one contact group coordinator, has helped to develop long lasting relationships with your repeat exhibitors. Year after year, they will call in and ask for that coordinator by name and feel comfortable speaking freely about their needs and expectations of the show. This is a way to obtain valuable information that gets reported back to show management or forwarded on to a hotel to eliminate problems that could arise during the show.

• Service Car Rentals, Food & Beverage Events, Etc.
Expo Travel has the staff to handle any special meeting request that might come up during your event.

• Registration Link
Whether you use our in-house registration company or your own, we can create a link so attendees that are registering online can automatically link to our site and book hotel reservations at the same time.

• Demographic information
Our website can be customized to capture any demographic information you need. Just give us the questions and will build it into the reservation fields so you can gather the vital information you need from every attendee booking a hotel reservation online. Our call center agents will gather that same information from attendees who call.

• Reporting
We have several booking reports available to you, and our in-house IT department can custom design any report you need. Just tell us the information you wish to capture and we’ll put our design team on it.

As you can see our features and services are quite comprehensive. We offer all of this to ensure a successful housing experience for your event. We know and pride ourselves on the fact that we here at Expo Travel only succeed when your event succeeds.



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